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DEFINITION OF CRUX: NOUN \ˈKReKS, ˈKRuKS\:The most important part of something, an essential + vital point requiring an outcome. Literal meaning is a cross.  Synonyms: centerpiece, core, essence, the heart of the matter.
I bet you were wondering, what does Crux mean? I have long had a fascination with constellations, the stars, the universe really, so while I was naming this journal it felt natural to tie in Crux, which is part of the Southern Cross constellation. Since faith is what brought me to begin creating publicly, I always want to point back to the Cross and Jesus! So there you go, that's how this journal got it's name, The Lovely Crux.

A little about me…and You!

My name is Michelle Owenby.  I am a child of God. Lover of the stars, the seas + the mountains.  A wife. A mother. A daughter. A friend. A Southerner. A student of all that intrigues me. A traveler. A muser. A singer of songs. A seeker of truth + knowledge. An artist. A writer. A mentor.

A recent spiritual revelation brought forth a whole new direction to my life; it awakened the parts of me that had been lulled to sleep since my childhood. This has ignited a fire in me that is involuntarily expressed through my writing,  my artistic work, spiritual mentoring + The Lovely Crux community. The Lord put new purpose, passion + meaning in my life that I simply can't help but respond in gratitude + awe. Any lovely thing that comes from me is only because of His great grace + creativeness! 

My hope is that my work may somehow bring a smile, soothe a heart, evoke emotion + reveal the loveliness around us all if we just squint our eyes a tiny bit. 

Does your hopeful soul need inspiration + encouragement? Are you longing for a simple + significantly illuminated life?  Would you like to awaken + experience joy, peace, freedom, passion + love in tangible ways?

I want to share something with you:  I was that woman - I still am that woman!  I’ve been on a journey towards those things + I want to share that with you.

It is my hope, by sharing in this journey, your life is transformed to reveal or remind you of your significance in Christ. I want your longing heart and hopeful soul to see the beauty of a surrendered + soulful life. Let’s go there. Together.

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