a ministry of the heart

Prayers In Color Project

Spreading Hope through the Gift of Spirit-Filled Art
When we think of prayer, we tend to think of it as something we say, read, or listen to. But prayer can also be a visual experience, like the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." These Prayers In Color reflect what we may be unable to say; they reveal what our hearts speak when words don't seem to be enough.
I pray that they touch people's lives, uplift their spirits and provide a visual representation of hope, inspiration, and encouragement. God, in His wisdom and sovereign power, has chosen to accomplish His will on Earth through the prayers of His people. He wants us to partner with Him even though He could do it all Himself! He waits for His people to pray, then pours out His power in response to those prayers. 
More than collecting art, you become a PARTNER of this ministry of the heart. Participating in the Prayers in Color Project makes you a force for positive change in the world and the Kingdom. This project strives to make a meaningful impact on both individuals and communities.
Here's How It Works
  1. From your submissions, I will randomly select one prayer a week to paint and include in the Prayers In Color Project. All names and stories will remain entirely private. Each artwork will be signed and titled to represent the prayer, scripture, or story used to inspire the artwork.
  2. Once the painting is complete, I will contact you for the opportunity to purchase the framed original. You have the first right of refusal, and by buying the original artwork, you not only acquire a unique piece created in direct response to your prayer, but you also support the continuation of this transformative project. If the original is unclaimed, it will be offered publicly on my studio website.
  3. In addition to the original artwork, prints of each painting will be available for purchase, where proceeds from the sale of prints will help sustain the project. The prints will allow you to share the profound beauty of these paintings with others, making the power of prayer accessible to all. But it doesn't end there.
  4. The Prayers in Color Project goes beyond these personal prayer connections. Through our Pray It Forward initiative, we will partner with churches, shelters, hospitals, and other outreach ministries to distribute free prints of the artwork to touch the lives of those who may need a message of hope and prayer the most. 
Remember, joining the Prayers in Color Project goes beyond the act of purchasing artwork. It is an invitation to be part of a caring community that shares a common purpose of bringing prayer, art, and inspiration together to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
Together, let's cultivate something greater than ourselves, touch more lives, spread hope, nurture the power of prayer, and make a lasting impact within our communities...one prayer at a time.

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

Galatians 5:2



Please submit your prayers and allow us to partner with you in petitioning the Father with the desires of your heart. By sharing, you contribute to the inspiration and creative process behind this project while also making a meaningful impact on others who will come in contact with your prayer.



Tell us your experiences and reflections on the artwork so we can foster a sense of community and connection. We will send a follow up email for your review after your purchase or you can email us directly below. When using social to share, please tag us using #PrayersInColor and @michelleowenbydesign.



Help expand the reach of the project by telling your friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances how they can engage with the project. Your voice matters; in fact, word-of-mouth recommendations are often the most impactful means of of bringing awareness, engagement and support to projects like these.



You can actively participate in this mission in several ways: 1) Distribute free prints to others in your sphere of influence 2) Partner financially and/or 3) Help us identify and engage with new partners like churches, shelters, hospitals, and other outreach ministries. Send an email sharing your interest level to michelle@michelleowenby.com or commit financially at the link below.




Yes, absolutely! And I want you to celebrate the impact it has. Make sure you sign up for my Newsletter in the footer of my website.

No way! When I receive your submission, please know I will carefully and intentionally hold it as precious and confidential. I will read, engage, and meditate on each and every one, regardless of which is selected. 

I love working with others to advance a cause like this and I would love to hear any thoughts, ideas or experience you have that aligns with this project's aim. I gladly accept all offers of assistance with whatever expertise, skills or networking connections you possess.