A Visual Journey: Art + Faith

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My spiritual + art journeys have evolved right alongside one another.  I realize more + more every day how the Lord was working in me through my passion + desire to express myself creatively.  That is evident in both my visual  + verbal expressions.  Much of what I create is driven by an almost uncontrollable need to transmit my emotion into the world in some palpable form.

My line of note cards is no different.  I was + continue to be so compelled by specific passages of scripture that my life has come to revolve around them, + my artwork has followed that same path.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Galations 5:22-23

As I meditated over that scripture, several watercolor paintings came pouring out of me, images + symbols that embodied these beautiful Christlike characteristics that I aspire to have.  I quickly realized that these images needed to take on another kind of life in my art collection; they were beautiful expressions that needed to be shared + multiplied.  And that is how my stationery collection was born. 

Each painting is hand-traced + transferred to a linocut printing block.  The designs are then carefully carved to leave the symbol exposed so that ink may be applied.  I have thoughtfully chosen + mixed colors that I feel represent each design well.  Those inks are then applied to the printing block, placed on quality cotton stationery + individually hand-pulled to reveal the colored image.  After having time to dry, I sign each one with love + care, making each an original artwork to be gifted with a note inside + then framed.  

As the creation of these cards continues, they will come to embody the fruits of the Holy Spirit collectively.

Block print carving by Michelle Owenby Design
Original Block Prints by Michelle Owenby Design
Custom color palette by Michelle Owenby Design

Hand-pulled Prints by Michelle Owenby Design
Faithfulness Note Cards by Michelle Owenby Design
Gentleness Note Cards by Michelle Owenby Design
Note Cards by Michelle Owenby Design
Self-Control Note Cards by Michelle Owenby Design
Peace Note Cards by Michelle Owenby Design
Love Note Cards by Michelle Owenby Design
Images captured by Christine Hamrick Photography + Michelle Owenby

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