A Sacred Space + Loving Community of Women Seeking Spiritual Growth, Living Intentionally + Sharing Their Transformed Lives

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hey y'all!

I dreamed of this space for so long.
A place away from the chatter + distractions.
A place we could meet to talk, grow, respond + share.
A place we could lay our souls bare; joyfully, hopefully, faithfully.
A place we could gather to discover, design + dwell in a soulful life.
A place we could come to intersect our lives with The Lovely Crux.

I created this community for the purpose of helping women discover deep spiritual meaning through Jesus that radically transforms their lives, equip them to design a life full of intentionality + purpose, + dwell in a meaningful legacy of faith. This is a loving, faith-filled community where you can find connection, encouragement, inspiration + accountability.

This sacred space will be a private retreat away from all the noise that distracts us from what’s most important; a cultivated, intentional community for soulful living. A place you can come to leave the world behind for a bit, focus on restoring + equipping yourself for the hope-filled life you were designed to live.

I would love for you to become a part of this beautiful community of soulful people. 

+ Our Community Stands on These 7 Values +



I believe seeking + growing in a personal relationship with Jesus is the most important work we will ever do.  When we discover the love, grace + freedom He offers, the significance of our lives is magnified + He is glorified.


I believe when we know Him, we fall in love with His character, are humbled in His presence + begin experiencing His life-changing power.  Our response is to recognize our need for Him + design our lives around His best for us.  


I believe as we faithfully dwell in Him, our lives are transformed by His grace + we find new peace, purpose + joy that comes only from Him.  The overflow of His goodness is poured out as we lovingly share this news with others.


+ Sacred, private, ad-free space to cultivate rich social relationships around your highest values, intentions, desires + interests

+ Seek + find God through His Holy Word + learn His precepts

+ Grow + expand your view of Him + your true identity in Christ through monthly growth opportunities

+ Receive spiritual wisdom, prayer + mentorship through relationships built on shared ideals + powerful testimonies

+ Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, encouragement, accountability, love, grace, truth + Godly perspective each + every day.

+ Build your faith life with tools, resources, monthly growth exercises + topics to explore


+ Reframe your mindset around God, His purposes + His Kingdom

+ Develop spiritual habits to keep your relationship with Him strong.

+ Realign your life to honor God + bring forth the bounty of goodness he has planned for you.

+ Meet + gather with other like-minded, supportive women who are invested in themselves + others + cheer each other on in growing spiritually

+ Assess your growth regularly in order to build a meaningful life + relationships

+ Navigate difficult topics + growth opportunities in a loving, supportive environment of Godly women seeking the wisdom of God + His Word by following spiritual journeys within the community


+ Abide + reside in Him, walking + following Him daily + continuint to mature + grow

+ Remain in faithful community, continuous prayer, praise + worship

+ Live out your life purpose by living victoriously, pouring out on others + using your testimony.

+ Share stories, experiences, authentic conversations + ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission of becoming women who are spiritually mature, living intentionally + leaving a meaningful legacy of faith

+ Become part of a Kingdom-building community that is influencing hundreds of women in their spiritual journeys.