If you knew me personally, you would know I'd be giving you a smile + a hug right now! I'm guessing you may want to know a little more about who I am + what I do so, here goes...  

My name is Michelle Owenby. I am a child of God. Lover of the stars, the seas + the mountains. A wife. A mother. A daughter. A friend. A Southerner. A student of all that intrigues me. A traveler. A muser. A singer of songs. A seeker of truth + knowledge. An artist. A writer. A mentor.    

I live in coastal South Carolina on Sullivans Island (some people call it "Mayberry By The Sea") with my beloved husband, two growing + lovable boys + our lazy yellow lab, Yeti. I work out of our home where I find (sometimes) peaceful + (always) joyful inspiration.  

Since I was a little girl growing up in Asheville, NC, things have always been a feast for my eyes; everything looked like art to me. Colors, shapes, patterns, nature + architecture. 

My mother had a huge influence on my perception of beauty; she was always refining things, organizing, creating + beautifying everything, from the flowers in our yard to the clothes in her closet. She taught me how to use my imagination + my hands to create beautiful, artful things. This "maker" heritage comes from our deep Cherokee roots. My dad was an avid outdoorsman + since I was his only little boy (wink), I was often along for his adventures. My love of nature + the ever-present beauty of our world is deeply rooted in him + our North Carolina heritage.  

As long as I can remember, I've loved collecting + using markers, colored pencils, pens, paints, stamps, decorative paper, journals, books + magazines - all the things that bring artful inspiration. It took years for me to allow myself the indulgence of chasing my love of those things. I had no idea how deeply all of that resonated inside of me + how much happiness + peacefulness it would bring.  

A recent spiritual revelation brought forth a whole new direction to my life; it awakened the parts of me that had been lulled to sleep since my childhood. This has ignited a fire in me that is involuntarily expressed through my writing, my artistic work, spiritual mentoring + The Lovely Crux community. The Lord put new purpose, passion + meaning in my life that I simply can't help but respond to in gratitude + awe. Any lovely thing that comes from me is only because of His great grace + creativeness! 

My hope is that my work may somehow bring a smile, soothe a heart, evoke emotion + reveal the loveliness around us all, if we just squint our eyes a tiny bit.

Hey Ya'll! 
I'm so glad you're here.

Does your hopeful soul need inspiration + encouragement? Are you longing for a simple + significantly illuminated life? Would you like to awaken + experience joy, peace, freedom, passion + love in tangible ways?

I want to share something with you: I was that woman - I still am that woman! I’ve been on a journey towards those things + I want to share that with you.

I believe in putting love + truth into action. I believe when our inner + outer lives are in harmony, our souls overflow with spiritual blessings. I believe that our very best lives are at the center of God’s plan for us.

It is my hope, by sharing in this journey, your life is transformed to reveal or remind you of your significance in Christ. I want your longing heart to see the beauty of a surrendered + soulful life.

Come on in + Make yourself at home

My art + words are visual expressions, reflective outpourings of my spiritual life. They are an act of worship, an emptying of my soul. Many of the pieces are painted during prayer or contemplative moments. Much of the words bloom as I sit in devotion. Many are sheer expressions of the joy + gratitude of His power over my surrendered life. Each of my works are faithfully purposed for peace + happiness, painted by imperfect hands + offered with loving intentions. 

When I first started pursuing these expressions openly, I had no idea where they would lead. As I walk out my life in obedience to the Lord + all He is revealing to me, it is becoming clear where He is pointing me: right back to Him + His boundless love!

I continue expectantly responding to His prompts daily + remain in awe + gratitude of what a beautiful Creative He is! I pray, in some small way, you will find beauty + nourishment here that leads you to know + follow Him!

Inspired Art + Words

Listen, I’m not telling you I have all the answers.

I’m saying I was walking in the dark without even realizing it, + now I’m walking in light + in love. I’m not bragging, I’m simply admitting that I really needed some direction.

I’m not telling you that I’m strong because I am weak all the time but, I find peace + comfort in His truths, + I know I can rely on Him to carry me through any circumstance.

I’m not saying “I’ve arrived” or “I’m better;” the Lord knows what a work in progress I am. My flaws are many + visible, but I want to grow + be more like Him. He has humbled my heart + shown me what real love + compassion look like.

I just want to continue my journey getting to know more + more of Him + talk about how amazing He is! And I would just love it if you would walk that path with me - a path to a soulful life!  

Let's Journey Together